What is the Female Super Power?

Nov 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

What is your female superpower?

Within your monthly cycle there is a magic moment when oestrogen and testosterone combine before ovulation to make you super attractive ready to find a mate! Have you noticed at certain times feeling anything like this: invincible, gorgeous, firm, empowered, slim, beautiful, amazing, on fire, happy, confident, comfortable etc…. Please feel free to add your own adjective to this list.

Why does this happen? Well scientifically your body is working some serious hormone magic so that you are giving off subtle signs that you are ready to meet a mate to keep the human species going! Bonkers right?

When I first learnt about this it blew my mind and then it made me realise that I am not slightly off the rails, I’m a woman and this is all part of my existence and, WOW, this is awesome!

So what does this alignment of hormones and other things mean as our super power? Well, it means we can be in control of who we are by tracking our cycle and knowing pretty much to the day where we are at hormonally and that in turn means we can fully own our bodies and minds and take ourselves to the next level. We can harness what nature has given us and use it for a positive empowered life.

When we are ovulating, approx days 9-14 in our monthly cycle, this is the moment that I want to book a shoot in with you. This is the time when you will already be feeling your best, you may or may not consciously know it, either way you will already be in the best zone for having the confidence (courage) to be photographed.

Your photoshoot is all about you, my ego left the building way before out first chat and won’t be popping in to say hi any time soon. So to make sure I serve you well I want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and your cycle is a magic key in this process.


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