My Personal Case Study

May 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

I am currently asking my lovely clients if they would like to be a case study for future clients to get an idea of the value my work offers to them.

The other day Facebook popped up a photo memory from 15 years ago! It was of a skier from when I worked with XBox at the Big Day Out, a unique freestyle snowboard competition in Val D’Isere.

This memory made me realise how far I have come as a photographer since then; how much I have learnt on my journey and how I have discovered my niche. From that realisation I thought my own personal case study would be a fun exercise to demonstrate, primarily to myself, how life’s journey has brought me to where I am right now.

Photography has always been a hobby, a passion, a requirement for my creative outlet. Since I can remember I have had a camera in some shape or form. There have been a lot of trial and error which have all been fun learning curves. Many years ago before the digital era arrived I would get so excited waiting for my rolls of film to be developed, the thrill of seeing the memories a week or two later was always a joy and I was always keen to show those who were in them the results too as we could relive those moments again.

I never saw photography as my work or business, it was just for me. However, that changed whilst I was working a ski season, happily showing my developed photos to my friends and colleagues which then led to being asked if some of the landscape shots could be used in a ski guide book. To be a published photographer was so exciting and I jumped at the opportunity and from there I worked with XBox to document the Big Day Out.

This made me realise my passion could become my income which was thrilling and empowering. However, I also had a slight fear that I would get found out as an imposter and felt the need to go back to college to get a diploma under my belt for reassurance that I could actually do this as a proper ‘grown up’ job.

What I lacked back then was clarity as to what area of photography filled me with joy specifically. I was photographing anything and everything, and whilst that was fulfilling it also hindered me on growing and finessing who I wanted to work with, or in other words know who to attract as my ideal client.

I have always enjoyed working with people, mainly because I Iove to hear their stories, find out what makes them tick. I am always learning and other humans always offer new perspectives on life’s issues. So naturally, I have gravitated towards people for my photography; weddings, families, corporate, make-over, I’ve also branched out into pet photography, landscapes, architectural and product shots. All of this experience has been invaluable but what I didn’t realise was that it created overwhelm which led to me feeling confused which in turn diluted my creative drive.

What was it that I was actually trying to do/create as a professional photographer? I found I didn’t really know. I was all things to everyone who needed photographs.

So how did I find my niche? Well, I took quite the convoluted path to discover it. I felt a deep calling to work on myself, I didn’t know it at the time but on reflection, what I needed was support and guidance so that I could re-discover my passion and let go of overwhelm and fear to regain clarity. This came in the form of my coach, Andrea Callanan, who gently guided me back to what makes me tick – my photography, working with women, and the key area that honed my niche, learning about our unique superpower, the female cycle. With enlightenment on how this can be used to our advantage, I realised it was an absolute non-negotiable that I had to bring it into my photography. And so that is how I found my niche.

As a compliment to my photography I became an accredited coach, it seemed such a natural extension to what I was already doing; essentially listening to my clients, guiding them gently to feel secure, safe and confident enough to let go of their inner fear in front of the lens.

Now I know I am working in my zone of genius! It has been a journey, one I am most grateful for because without all of the experiences I wouldn’t have gotten here and perhaps would still be searching or maybe have even given up!

When I look back through my portfolio of work over the years I am proud of my achievements and grateful for everyone I have worked with. Now I’m secure in knowing what my purpose and passion is: to serve women and help guide them to feeling visible and empowered in front 9and behind) the lens!


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